Has your company had a portion of its microfilm backlog scanned and chose to leave the rest on film? Why? Was it the cost of conversion services? Was it because the film not converted to digital was considered not to be active enough to justify the cost? Or was the time frame to convert all of your film too long?

3 Signs it is Time to take the Plunge! Scan Your Film!


Well here is news that might make you want to reconsider conversion services! Until a few years ago it typically took up to 15 minutes to scan a single roll of 16mm film. With enough film it could take year to convert all of the film. In many cases, labor costs alone were enough to justify not completing such an ambitious project. Scanning was always a job a company had to take on themselves. Buying scanners, training and then doing the conversion itself. Most times not being worth the money. “Go buy a NEW reader printer!” Not only can you now scan 4 rolls in the same time it used to take to scan 1, but now you have the option to outsource your scanning! The weight is lifted off of your shoulders.


With outsourcing being a viable option, there is no need to keep going back to that outdated reader printer! No more spending more time out of your day searching a roll of film with upwards of 6,200 images to find a single document. Better yet, outsourcing the film to our company and getting it back in the same shape you sent it! No worries about lost records, and you gain digital versions of those same records! When you decide to use conversion services you have the ability to search through PDFs and find a document in a matter of minutes instead of hours! What more can you ask for??


By the way, if you have film it leads one to believe that you have a reader printer? How much are you paying to keep up with the maintenance on your microfilm reader? New bulbs and parts to keep it running? Why not INVEST the money you are spending to keep up with the reader on conversion services? Instead of spending hundreds on ink and other piddly items that are needed to keep it running you could be using towards going digital, which you already read can save you labor costs in terms of time wasted using the same reader printer that costs you MORE money to maintain.

From all sides you can see that going digital may be a leap that seems daunting, but can also be beneficial to the growth and success of your business and group! There are so many options out there! No two scanning jobs are the same! Each case is individual and we are ready to get you started!

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