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Educators know it: paperwork is frustrating, and it takes a lot of time to maintain – time that could be spent focusing on students. Why not make your systems work for you by incorporating FileBound to empower faculty and staff with immediate, organized access to the information they use every day?

How it works.

FileBound pairs with your district Student Information System and enables staff to quickly find, update, search, and maintain the slew of student paperwork. Ensure records are complete, version history is maintained, and degrees of access are controlled through comprehensive permissioning and rights.

Comprehensive Authorization. Split access to a student’s cumulative folder allows you to control the degree of access that teachers and staff are granted. Sensitive information such as health records, disciplinary files, or court documents are restricted by permission. Access to general student information can be granted to all users as needed.

“Before FileBound, we had stacks of paper halfway up the wall. Today there is no paper!”

―DeSoto County Schools

Easy to Manage. FileBound allows your district to retain all active and archived student records, per state laws, in a single, organized, easy-to search document library. Easy access enables faculty to quickly respond to requests, uncover incomplete files, and ensure records are compliant and audit-ready.

“Each student’s cumulative folder contained so many documents, forms and even handwritten notes. It took staff forever to manually collate, store, and retrieve student records. The district was drowning in paper.”

―Rapid City Area Schools

Interface Integration. Streamlines processes through interface integration allows authorized faculty to access student files while working in the district’s SIS or ERP systems. Integrations ensure the system of record stays up to date, while keeping learning curves low and adoption rates for faculty and staff high.

A District-wide Solution.
FileBound streamlines processes and centralizes documentation for K-12 educators and staff
by providing a secure, reliable system that interfaces directly with their SIS and ERP to ensure immediate adoption. From district office processes to parent and student facing programs, FileBound is a single-system solution to coordinate efficiencies across any district department.


Safeguard. Enforce disaster recovery and protect student privacy by enforcing rules and security protocols specific to the faculty, staff, or administrator need.

A Standard, Automate Process. Automated processes provide predictability and accountability. System tracking and reprosts give staff immediate updates on which requests have been addressed and which are outstanding.

Interface Integration. FileBound interfaces with existing SIS and ERP’s, making it simple for staff to manage and promotes quick adoption throughout the district.

One Solution. Providing staff a single system for efficiencies eliminates training and adoption concerns for several one-off systems – not to mention the cost savings of a combined solution.

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